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Power Plant, UPM /Blanvira SA, Paso De Los Toros, Uruguay

UPM is building a new Pulp Mill in Uruguay. The construction work started in 2020  and will be taken into use in late 2023.


° Detail Engineering, Procurement, Prefabrication and Installation of the HP-Piping

° Demanding HP-Piping

° High quality standard and strict requirements

° Short installation period

° Remote site location

° Strict and complicated local immigration requirement

° Global Covid 19 pandemic presence


° High prefabrication rate was used for shortening lead time and reducing needed manpower at site

° Well planned logistics of materials and tools

° Disciplines: power piping

° Lifespan: execution period 2021 – 2024

° Size: pipe quantity apprx. 300 tons

° Establishing own subsidiary Deglyn SA to fulfill local labour requirement

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