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About us

We offer project management and piping engineering services, mechanical installations, fabrication and hot-dip galvanizing. Our niche expertise is in high-pressure piping solutions.

From Finland to the Nordics and Central Europe

We are a leading Finnish company with Nordic and Central European coverage. Our main office is located in Helsinki and our manufacturing workshop is in Ylivieska. Our annual turnover is around 40 M€ and we have approximately two hundred people employed.

Safety, sustainability and quality have been, and still are, values that we are honoured to foster. Please see also our HSEQ Policy: HSEQ Policy (pdf)

Excellence in challenging environments

Industrial worksites expose workers to variety of hazardous environments. Working in heights or cramped spaces, exposure to extreme decibel levels, temperatures or weather conditions are by no means uncommon occurrences at any industrial sites.

Petrochemical environments may risk the workers to be exposed to hazardous chemicals, airborne contaminants, be it dust or dangerous gases or a poor air quality. Similarly, radiation cannot be overlooked when working in nuclear environments. Fortunately, working in challenging environments can be made safe with proper training and thorough work planning.

Safety as a priority

We have maintained work safety as the company’s top priority throughout our history. We produce specific work plans case-by-case, provide our employees with proper gear and comprehensive training and ensure our employees’ working capacity by monitoring their health. Working safely yields significant long-term benefits for us, our employees and our customers.

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