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Power Plant Retrofits

We invest in extremely accurate resourcing and scheduling when repairing boilers and high pressure pipelines. Work planning and leading the implementation to fit the clients’ schedules is routine for us. We are able to perform demanding welding work even during very short production breaks.

Solution-oriented pipelines for power plants

We design our service in a solution-oriented manner according to the customer’s needs. We carry out the installations with our own workers and using proven liable partners. Replacement works for boiler components that wear out in use are routine with us, such as heaters, vaporizers, wall pipes and economizers. We also manufacture bypasses for air, – and burner holes and, if necessary, repair them on site.

Long experience and history in power plants

We have a long experience in repairing and modifying power pipelines, especially in old power plants, where we often find their original manufacturing drawings. We quickly manufacture and install new piping components to replace damaged ones, utilizing our own design, machine shop and comprehensive stock of heat-resistant pipes.

Recion has a long history of power plant maintenance: Read more about our history

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Power Plant Retrofits

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Power Plant Retrofits

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