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Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering services ensure a successful project execution from preplanning to final documentation. Our designers are experts in manufacturing and installation methods as well as well-versed in EN and ASME standards and PED regulations.

Continuous interaction with the manufacturing and installation teams results in shorter lead-times in project execution. Careful engineering minimizes the potential risks and problems in later stages of the project and facilitates delivery on time and in budget.

Piping design and 3D modelling

Our solid experience and modern engineering software are a vital part of a successful project from engineering to execution. We can deliver even the most demanding piping design, fitting design, support design and engineering services in a way which will enable construction of the plant and also support in material management, work planning and progress monitoring.

Project documentation

Prior to project handover, everything will be appropriately documented, be it documentation for authorities or as-built documentation. Our document management process ensures your documents are safely in order.

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