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Recion has an extensive track record of working with engineering and installation of hydrogen related projects. We have been assisting both finnish and swedish companies for decades in their endeavors of harnessing hydrogen in production environment. 

Hydrogen transfer lines
We have been working with natural gas transfer lines helping our customers to reach their extensive goals both in productivity and also in keeping to a schedule and budget. These projects are very similar to new and merging pipelines for the transport of hydrogen. Together in close relationships with our partners we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of services related to planning, procurement and installation of these pipelines. 

Hydrogen in plant processes
Hydrogen has been used in several different types of manufacturing and processing installations for decades. We have hands-on experience working with engineering and installation of this type of demanding piping solutions. Even at the initial design phase we have experts who can assist customers when it comes to issues like material selection and procurement, detailed engineering designs. This combined with our outstanding installation crew has provided our customers with excellent results. Well planned project with tight demands in execution is our bread and butter.

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