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Procurement plays a key role in project implementation. With competent and efficient procurement, you save money and shorten delivery times. You keep the project costs and thus the schedule under control.

With Recion you can find an experienced team of procurement professionals and a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers covering the industry. We constantly compete for our contracts and monitor the development of the industry. In addition, we can manufacture parts ourselves at our factory in Ylivieska, where we also have our own material warehouse.

Our special expertise focuses on power plants, process industry and nuclear power.

Why choose us for your project:

  • An experienced team of procurement professionals
  • Expertise in the field
  • Financial savings – continuously tendered supplier contracts
  • Sticking to the schedule – material deliveries on time
  • Wide network of manufacturers and supplier
  • The best logistics solutions
  • Comprehensive management of the supply chain
  • Continuous monitoring of industry developments – also in environmental matters
  • Own factory and material warehouse

Our procurement team is happy to serve in your project. Feel free to contact us!

Mika Toivonen-Flinkman

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Manager, Procurement

Mika Toivonen-Flinkman


T. +358 50 390 5814

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