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Recognition for Recion Ltd. for an excellent customer experience

Recion Sumitomo Award

Recion Ltd’s long-term customer and partner Sumitomo SHI FW has distributed recognition to its suppliers worldwide. This year, SFW awarded Recion Ltd. in the Reliability Excellence category.

Jarkko Pakarinen, Procurement Director Europe Sumitomo SHI FW Oy:

“In 2021, we established the Supplier Award Program at Sumitomo SHI FW, under which we want to share recognition for effective cooperation and partnership in our network of subcontractors. At SFW, we see that partnership and a quality supply chain play a key role in building the competitiveness of our projects in the global marketplace. In February 2022, we distributed a total of ten Excellence Awards globally to key suppliers and partners. Suppliers and partners were evaluated in five different categories, which were: Quality Excellence, Service Excellence, Collaboration Excellence, Reliability Excellence, and Innovation Excellence. Our long-term partner Recion Ltd. in Ylivieska, Finland was one of the award-winning suppliers in the Reliability Excellence category. Honest communication and reliability describe our cooperation with Recion well. To my delight I have been able to work with Olli for 20 years in the spirit of what is promised, will be delivered”

Olli Poutiainen, Sales Manager, Recion Ltd.:

“We are very taken with the recognition we have received. This culminates in the appreciation of our skills and doing in a great way. The staff of the Ylivieska workshop always strives to implement the customers’ projects in accordance with the requirements, on time and at an agreed cost. It is good for us to continue with this.”

Jari Salo, CEO, Recion Ltd.:

“We value received recognition very high. Long-term customer relations are important for Recion. These relations enable further development and improvement of co-operation. Customer satisfaction is priority for us. What is agreed with the customer it is also delivered in line with customer expectations. This recognition encourages us to continue our dedicated work with our customers.”

Recion Ltd.

Industrial piping services from preliminary study to complete project deliveries.Uncompromising Finnish engineering expertise. Pipeline design, material procurement, project management, pipeline prefabrication, hot dip galvanizing and mechanical installations for projects of all sizes. We offer special expertise in projects in the energy, nuclear and process industries, as well as demanding retrofitting and maintenance services for power plants.

The company is headquartered in Helsinki and has manufacturing units in Ylivieska and Joroinen.

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