Versatile and professional piping manufacturing


We pride ourselves to be one of the oldest and versatile piping manufacturers in Northern Europe. We have served our diverse customer for decades with demanding high-pressure entities and special components, as well as less demanding products. We are happy to serve you, whether you need just smaller components or require fabrication for major projects.

Component prefabrication

Along with business-to-business sales, our fabrication workshop is an integral part of our full-service supply chain. In unison with our design and procurement, our fabrication capabilities allow a seamless cooperation, expedient solutions and a higher degree of flexibility in project execution. We have also our own storage of high-pressure piping materials to expedite your deliveries.

ASME and STUK authorised piping manufacturing

ASME is one of our core strengths. We are one of the few factories in Europe that is authorised by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). In addition, we are an approved manufacturer of Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK). We are also a CE-certified manufacturer of metallic piping and licensed to manufacture hot- and cold-formed parts as well as welded parts for pressure equipment.